Personal family documentary films.

How we do it

Getting off your assets

The most daunting part of a family history film is the collection of images, video and data. Many a family history project stalled right here. Once we get involved we begin the asset collection and hang in there with patience and tenacity till we have as complete a visual record of the story as possible in digital format. If you already have a digital library of, slides or VHS tapes that have been converted to digital formats, that saves time and costs.

If you haven’t converted to digital, we have sources that can do that. We prefer to scan photos ourselves. This helps us avoid resolution issues later and allows us to retouch spots, tears, and stains. It also acquaints us with the assets; the more familiar we are with your story, the better we can tell it.

Asking Questions

Once a thorough timeline has been established we begin the interview process. Lights, Camera, Action. On some projects we interview over a dozen people, on others just a hand full. It all depends on the scope of the film. There is an art to interview. For most folks, sitting in front of a camera is intimidating. It’s important to make the one being interviewed relaxed and comfortable. We’re good at that. Some family stories are hard to tell. There may be personal traumas associated with the events. We understand that and work through these challenges with tact and sensitivity. Some family stories are funny. Some are amazing. The right questions make all the difference at getting to heart and soul of whatever kind of story is being told.

Cutting it all together

Video editing requires the same dedication and talent that any art form does. Just because someone owns a camera that doesn’t make them a photographer any more than having good looks makes you a good actor. It’s in the editing that the magic happen. We know the story; it’s as personal to us as it is to you. We know how to pick the right music, the best images and the right interview clips. We orchestrate all of these with loving care. As the project progresses we share the rough cuts a family representative(s) to make sure we’ve got it right. The result is a magical experience for you and your family.

Costs and Time Frame

These projects can take time and depending on the scope of a project, pricing runs between $100 – $150 per finished minute of video. If you want a short 30 minute film or a full length film, we can discuss the many options with you.